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How to make a popular culture wall in one minute using only 3 components!

The cultural wall for businesses can be three-dimensional, uniform, and distinctive to promote the corporate culture, foster a vibrant corporate cultural environment, and bring people together. Work with the content, color, and form to create a cultural wall that displays the company’s traits while still being stylish and attractive.

First of all, Content

There are three different kinds of text, images, and videos that fall into two categories: core fundamental content, and dynamic content. The firm profile, enterprise or brand LOGO, corporate mission, goals, enterprise spirit, values, business philosophy, etc. can all be found in the core basic information. Dynamic information, which mostly includes company news, event news, honors, advanced statistics, etc., can be updated on a regular basis or infrequently. The writing should have a strong concept and be succinct and straightforward.

Second, Color

The corporate VI color and the office environment color are the two key factors considered in the cultural wall’s color choices. You can view a depiction of the office background wall, choose the user’s preferred pattern, and then finish the design to ensure that the background wall meets the needs of the customer. In particular, the color of the wall and the nearby objects shouldn’t differ too much from one another.

Third, Form

The needs of the company space and Party A should be taken into consideration when choosing the corporate culture wall’s expression, which should not only adhere to the idea of clearly defined priorities but also take the visual impact into account. For instance, the company’s business philosophy, service idea, qualifications, and honor should be prominently shown. The visual range must also be appropriate for people’s visual height, typically 160 cm above the ground as the intermediate value, and 80 cm at each end.

Useful software

At the moment, PS, CorelDraw, and Illustrator make up the majority of the cultural wall design software. PS is primarily used for renderings, CorelDraw and Illustrator are utilized for creating floor plans, and plan vector drawings can produce engraving and modeling.

Last but not least, the cultural wall’s design should be founded on the idea of being able to land, and the production process can be used as the benchmark. Currently, PVC, acrylic, craft words, canvas, stainless steel, etc. are used in the design and production of corporate culture walls, and the process includes photo, silk screen, baking paint, UV printing, mold paste, and other techniques.

For instance, acrylic crystal + acrylic panel is frequently used in the selection of craft words, and its impact is crystal clear, glossy, and the effect of combining spotlights is better.

In general, the corporate culture wall’s design should be adaptable and changeable, representing professionalism while accommodating users’ individual needs.

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