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Google accepts cryptocurrencies! Google have partnered with Coinbase.

Google, a big name in the tech industry, and Coinbase have made a deal that will let customers pay for Google’s cloud services with cryptocurrency. This was announced yesterday, November 11.

Giant of technology Google has made Web3 technology even better. CNBC said yesterday (November 11) that Google plans to integrate Coinbase Commerce as soon as 2023. This will allow customers to pay for cloud services in small amounts with bitcoins. The Coinbase Commerce website says that the payment system currently works with Bitcoin, Ethereum, DOGE, and USDT, etc.

As part of the deal to work together, Coinbase will switch its initial cloud storage needs from Amazon to Google Cloud. Google’s cloud services are said to now make up 9% of parent company Alphabet’s total income. This makes them one of the industries with the fastest growth.

The head of Google Cloud Platform, Amit Zavery, also said that the company is looking into how to use Coinbase Prime, a way for institutional investors to store and trade bitcoins safely. Google might add Bitcoin to its balance sheet in the future, like MicroStrategy, and Tesla.

CZ(CEO of Binance) tweeted: Not a big deal, but what was expected. Sooner or later…

It seems to mean that services that let you pay with cryptocurrency will become more popular soon.

Another interesting fact is that, according to a report from The Block from earlier this year, when you search for an Ethereum wallet address on Google, the results will show you how much ETH is in that address. It is said that the data comes from the Etherscan Ethereum block browser.

But when the ether address was looked up in the dynamic area, the wallet balance information did not show up. This function may still be in the beta test version.

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