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How to deal with high medication prices ?

If I can’t afford all of my medications, what should I do?

For many Americans, this is a problem. Talk to your doctor, nurse, or pharmacist if you need help paying for your medications. They might know how to make your medications less expensive or know how to assist you in other ways. Don’t try to cut costs by skipping or taking fewer doses. Serious health issues could result from this.

This post offers some advice on how to get your medications for less money. Whether or whether you have prescription drug coverage, these suggestions can be helpful. “Drug insurance” is another name for prescription drug coverage.

If I don’t have health insurance, what happens?

If you reside in the US and lack health insurance, consider purchasing coverage. More people are qualified for Medicaid or cheaper insurance in many states. The majority of insurance plans cover prescription drugs. Visit the website to learn more about your alternatives for health insurance.

What if I have Medicare?

Part D of Medicare provides affordable prescription insurance. If you currently have or are eligible for Part D prescription coverage, you can use the methods for reducing medication expenses indicated here. The chart offers guidance on selecting a Medicare Part D plan.

Inquire about prescriptions that are available as generics

Find out if any of the medications you take are “brand name” medications by asking your doctor, nurse, or pharmacist. If so, using less expensive “generic” medications might be an option. Brand-name drugs are replicas of generic drugs, which are typically far less expensive. They have been tested and found to be just as effective, and they contain the exact same medication as the name-brand medication. Even if you have insurance, using generic medications can save you money.

Asking your pharmacist is a simple approach to find out if your medication is available in generic form. You can access the GoodRx website using a computer or smartphone ( To check if a generic version of your medication is available, enter the brand name.

There aren’t many generic versions of newer medications. Therefore, switching to generics isn’t always an option. It could be possible to switch to a less expensive brand name medication if you are unable to move to a generic version. You can ask your doctor if this is a possibility.

Look for over-the-counter versions

Some medications that your doctor may recommend can also be purchased over-the-counter. Additionally known as “over the counter” (or “OTC”). Ask your doctor whether you can take the cheaper, non-prescription version of your prescription medication instead if it is available. This frequently holds true for medications for allergies, stomachaches, and discomfort.

You should always see your doctor before switching medications. Your doctor might need to examine certain switches to make sure they are functioning properly for you. Additionally, even though a drug has the same name as its prescription counterpart, it could not be exactly the same if it is supplied over the counter. Your physician can assist in ensuring that you are taking the appropriate medication and dosage.

When switching, become familiar with the new medication’s appearance and the medication it replaces. This will prevent you from accidentally taking both the new and the old one at the same time.

Always compare prices

Depending on the store you select, the cost of the exact same medication can vary significantly. You can save a lot of money by shopping around for the best price on your medications, especially if they are generic.

Numerous generic medications frequently offer excellent rates at large retail chains. Without insurance, their costs can be as low as $4 for one month and $10 for three. Ask at the pharmacy or check online to see if the medications you take are offered at discount rates. Enter the name of the store and the phrase “prescription program” into Google or another search engine to locate information online. If you have prescription drug coverage, these affordable costs can be less than your co-pay.

You can typically get price information over the phone from pharmacies. Find out whether they offer a club or savings program. Visit the GoodRx website to compare costs online or with your smartphone ( This website provides discount vouchers while comparing regional costs. Then, you can ask your pharmacy for the GoodRx discount pricing.

To receive the greatest pricing, you could require a store club membership, a coupon, or a store discount card, depending on every drugstore you visit. There are other resources providing tips on how to receive your medicines for the cheapest price.

Inform your doctor if you use many medications and plan to purchase them from various pharmacies. Give a detailed list of all the medications you take to each drugstore. Drug interactions are detectable.

Maximize your insurance coverage

There are several things you can do if you have insurance to make the most of your coverage. Spend some time researching your alternatives for drug coverage. If you qualify for Medicare Part D, dependable assistance is available.

Obtain a list of the medications your plan covers each year. The “formulary” is what is used for this. Obtain written details regarding co-pays,tiers and deductibles.

Check to see if any of your prescription drugs are not covered, or if they are, but only to a limited extent or with a hefty co-pay. Ask your insurance provider or pharmacist which Tier 1 medications might work for you in place of each of them. After that, tell your doctor about it.

When you see your doctor, bring a list of the medications that are covered by your insurance and their price. Then, find out from your doctor if any of the drugs in Tier 1 can take the place of any that are too expensive for you or aren’t covered.

A mail-order option is typically available with prescription coverage plans, saving you money on medications you take for three months or more. Only once you are certain that you will take a medication at the same dose for at least three months is it a good idea to order it via mail.

Verify that you need every medication you take.

More drugs than they actually require are sometimes prescribed to some patients. If you see two different doctors who each prescribe drugs that have the same effect, that might happen. Bring a list of all the medications you take with you to every doctor’s appointment to avoid this issue. The following website,, provides an example of this type of list. To ensure there are no errors, ask your doctor to check your medication list. Additionally, it is beneficial to bring a bag containing all of your medications to the doctor’s office so that they can be checked. Inhalers, pill containers, and any other medication you use fall under this category.

Get aid with purchasing the medications you require.

Even after taking the above-mentioned procedures, if you still find yourself unable to purchase your medications, there may be other ways you can seek assistance. People can get assistance paying for their medications through state and federal programs.

Additionally, there are initiatives funded by pharmaceutical firms and nonprofit organizations. Based on a person’s income, the size of their family, and other considerations, these programs decide which people to assist. Ask your physician, pharmacist, or social worker if you are eligible for these programs.

international or online-only pharmacies

Avoid any pharmacy that offers to sell you prescription drugs without a prescription from a medical professional who has seen you in person. Some online and foreign pharmacies operate without the proper permits or inspections. They might try to sell you drugs that are inappropriate for you, out-of-date, or even fake.

If you choose to fill your prescriptions online to save money, look for a pharmacy that has received certification from the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy. There are now more online pharmacies available, and they frequently have affordable prices. Simply make sure that the one you select is trustworthy.

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