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Reduce Risk of Prostate Cancer Easily and Comfortably

For many guys, the following health advice will seem very good: The risk of developing prostate cancer may be reduced if you engage in more sexual activity or masturbation. According to research, males who ejaculate more frequently had a lower risk of developing the condition.

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What Connects Them?

Growing data suggests that ejaculation is associated with a decreased risk of prostate cancer over time. But the clearest argument yet was made by a significant study’s 2016 findings. Men were questioned about how frequently they ejaculated by the researchers. It made no difference how; intercourse, masturbation, or wet dreams were all acceptable. Later, for 18 years, they followed over 32,000 of these males.

The researchers discovered that men who exercised the most (at least 21 times per month) had a 20% lower chance of developing prostate cancer than men who exercised less frequently (4 to 7 times a month). That held true across a range of age groups.

It didn’t matter how many times exactly. In essence, men were less likely to get prostate cancer the more they ejaculated in a given month.

How can ejaculating benefit prostate health? Experts are uncertain. Some people think it can remove dangerous substances that might accumulate in semen.

What Is Unknown

Although the research is encouraging, there is still much that needs to be discovered.

There is no strong evidence that more ejaculation reduces the risk of prostate cancer. There might be connected, but it’s possible that guys who do it more frequently have other healthy practices that reduce their risk.

The benefits of masturbation and ejaculation during sex are unknown to scientists. According to certain research, each person’s semen is made up differently. For instance, semen produced during sex contains more sperm and specific compounds. These could potentially alter a man’s likelihood of developing prostate cancer.

Not every study has discovered a benefit. The 2016 study’s magnitude (almost 32,000 males) and length attracted notice (18 years). However, several smaller trials did not have the same positive outcomes. Some even discovered that some men, particularly younger males, who engaged in more masturbation had slightly increased risks of prostate cancer. Several scientists question whether a man’s age could alter whether increased ejaculation is beneficial.

To do, or not to do?

The relationship between ejaculation and prostate health is still being researched. Doctors might not be ready to prescribe “More Sex!” just yet. Yet, there’s probably no harm in engaging in safe sex and masturbation more frequently because they won’t likely have any negative effects on your health.

The study excites cancer specialists because it may provide men a chance to lessen their risk of developing prostate cancer. The majority of factors that increase a man’s odds, such as age and family history of the illness, are unchangeable. Ejaculating more, though? Many males are eager to take on that task.

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