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5 Major Causes Of Lack Of Sleep. Stop Bad Habit Right Now

Insufficient sleep is a common problem among modern people, and it is a big killer of health. According to scholars’ research, a lack of sleep not only causes poor mental health but also poor work and study efficiency and poor memory. In the long run, it will also increase dementia, major problems with cancer, premature aging, and immune imbalance. For example, American medical research found that a lack of sleep increases your mortality rate by 1.7 times and causes you to gain 5 kg, but why do modern people generally lack sleep? Summarizing the research results of scholars around the world, here are five major reasons for everyone: stress, lifestyle, uncontrolled diet, blue light, and lack of exercise are all killers of sleep quality.

  1. Stress
  2. Lifestyle
  3. Uncontrolled diet
  4. Blue light
  5. Lack of exercise


Environmental stress such as psychological stress or pollution can cause endocrine disorders, which will affect the balance of sleep hormones and wakefulness hormones in the body, resulting in disorder of the biological clock. So many people in foreign countries turn to melatonin to regulate their biological clock. We can get natural melatonin through many foods.

During the epidemic, due to the economic downturn and staying at home, everyone’s psychological pressure continued unabated, which also increased many cases of poor sleep.

Therefore, Japanese research shows that the sleep disturbance caused by the epidemic made Yakult 1000 popular in Japan, but Which caused a small number of people to have nightmares.


Work and commute for too long, and continue to use the line to handle work after get off work, and the time to go to bed will be late, which will affect the length and quality of sleep. According to research, people who go to bed late tend to sleep less. (People who get up earlier will not affect the length of sleep). Then don’t think that you can sleep less on weekdays and make up for it on holidays. You are wrong. This kind of jet lag is called social jet lag, which is the jet lag caused by yourself. It cannot be made up by just a short weekend. Now there is a new term for this situation, called social jet lag .

Uncontrolled Diet

Eating irregularly, eating at the wrong time will affect the biological clock. In particular, eating too late or having a midnight snack will affect falling asleep, causing the stomach and intestines to still work hard to digest while sleeping, so of course you can’t sleep well.

Furthermore, an unbalanced diet can also cause poor sleep. For example, if there is a lack of tryptophan in food , there is no way to synthesize sleep hormones such as serotonin and melatonin. Or many people are afraid of getting fat now, and mistakenly think that they should not touch cereals and rice, resulting in a lack of vitamin B complex, which will also greatly affect sleep, and the gain outweighs the gain.

Coupled with eating out food indiscriminately, if you eat too much high-sugar and high-fat food, in addition to disturbing the balance of blood sugar and endocrine, these foods that are harmful to intestinal bacteria will also destroy the intestinal flora, making the intestinal The biological clock of the Tao is messed up, which affects the biological clock in the whole body and the brain. This is why sleep aid probiotics work.

Blue Lights

The human body clock is adjusted by the sunlight. It is the natural law of the human body to work at sunrise and rest at sunset. It’s just that there are too many artificial lights such as mobile device blue light. These lights enter the eyes, which is a major disturbance to the regulation of the biological clock, so sleep hormones will be disrupted.
For example, if someone stares at their mobile phone before going to bed, it will not only hurt their eyes, but also cause insomnia. Therefore, another new study published in JAMA Internal Medicine shows that women who sleep with lights or TV on may have an increased risk of weight gain, gaining 5 kg during the 5-year study period 17% more likely.

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Insufficient Exercise

Modern people generally do not exercise enough, but exercise can help sleep and help the body adjust its biological clock. For example, aerobic exercise such as running and walking can improve the efficiency of the body to absorb oxygen, and after moderate (medium and low exercise intensity) exercise, the human body will produce endorphins, which will bring the body a natural The sense of carelessness and pleasure can help muscles relax, and the core body temperature will drop sharply, making it easier to fall asleep, and the period of deep sleep and deep sleep will be deepened and lengthened, so the quality of sleep is better.

Sleep problems should not be underestimated. Over time, it will cause great physical and mental problems. WHO has defined poor sleep as a global crisis. Knowing these factors that cause lack of sleep, please review and see what areas you can improve. Only by getting enough sleep can you have sufficient mental and physical strength. It is best to seek medical treatment when the sleep problem is serious. If it is relatively mild, you should learn to adjust it yourself.

How to get a better sleep at night:

  1. Adjust Schedule
  2. Regular Exercising
  3. Avoid Blue Light Device Before Sleep
  4. Avoid Caffeine And Alcohol

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Adjust schedule

Work and rest should be as regular as possible, do not stay up late on weekdays, and let the daily work and rest match the natural rhythm of the body as much as possible. Don’t stay up late, and don’t deliberately sleep late to catch up on sleep during holidays, so as not to cause social jet lag and cause a vicious circle.

Regular exercising

Maintaining regular exercise has been shown to go a long way toward maintaining a healthy body clock and shortening the time it takes to adjust to jet lag.

Avoid blue light Device before sleep

Because the center of the human body’s natural biological clock is the pineal gland in the center of the brain, and the pineal gland is regulated by the light of the optic nerve, more exposure to natural sunlight will help the biological clock to normalize. Therefore, avoid exposure to blue light at night to avoid disturbance of the biological clock.

Avoid caffeine and alcohol

Many people are used to drinking coffee or refreshing drinks to refresh themselves due to lack of sleep, which actually makes the body more tired; while drinking alcohol seems to help fall asleep, but in fact it makes the quality of sleep worse, which is not good for the biological clock, and hangover will even worsen the body. Throw your body clock into chaos for days.

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