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Google Code Red ! An Ultimate Chat AI Make The Best Company Worry.

ChatGPT, a recently popular chat bot, has been identified as a threat by Google. According to reports, Google has issued a “red alert” (Google Code Red) for this. The leader’s position is in jeopardy.

OpenAI introduced ChatGPT, a chatbot, in November 2022. Which raise Google code red. It is based on OpenAI's GPT-3.5 family of big language models and is modified using supervised and reinforcement learning approaches.
ChatGPT raise Google Code Red Recently

Google became a huge Internet company with billions of users more than 20 years ago. It changed the Internet environment by making search engines faster and more accurate. However, the unveiling of ChatGPT by OpenAI gave them a sense of impending doom. Search engines give information about networks in a blunt way, but ChatGPT can answer questions and give information in a natural way. It can also develop, make suggestions, and come up with ideas based on the parameters that have already been set.

Chat AI Might Not Reliable Enough Currently

Even though we don’t know if ChatGPT’s answers are true yet, OpenAI CEO Sam Altman has told people not to trust chatbot answers. Still, the technology is making waves around the world, with 1 million users in just 5 days.

Google faces the threat of ChatGPT.

But “idol burden” leads to more cautious adoption of AI.

“Will ChatGPT pose a threat to Google search?” When it initially emerged, this chatbot became a big issue. Although most people thought ChatGPT was immature, had a commercial plan, and had little chance of challenging Google’s dominance, the technological behemoth did not let up. It was not taken lightly.

In reaction to the danger posed by ChatGPT, Google CEO Sundar Pichai attended a series of AI strategy meetings and revised the work of numerous internal teams. Google’s research, trust, and security departments, for example, were tasked with developing new AI prototype products, and some teams invested in initiatives such as OpenAI. The generating technology of DALL-E2.

According to the “New York Times,” some experts think that as AI technology develops, Google will eventually have to decide whether to rebuild the search engine and make mature chatbot technology the face of its flagship service.

Google, being a leader in artificial intelligence, has outstanding chatbot technology. Former Google engineers said that the conversation robot LaMDA had “soul and awareness” and that it is the culmination of Google’s technology in this area. Pichai recently informed staff in a meeting that they had technology similar to ChatGPT.

Even though Google’s chatbot search technology isn’t worse than OpenAI, integrating it with the company’s advertising business is still a big job. This is because advertising makes up more than 80% of Google’s income and will bring in 61.2 billion US dollars in 2021.

Advertising makes up more than 80% of Google’s income.

According to the New York Times, if a chatbot answers user inquiries in a few brief phrases, there is little need for users to click on the ad. “Google’s economic model is faulty,” Amr Awadallah, inventor of the artificial intelligence search portal Vectara, stated. “If Google provided the ideal answer to every search, you would never click on any advertising.”

However, Google’s economic model, which is based on advertising, may be nearing the end of its life cycle. In his book “The Post-Google Era,” economist and futurist George Gilder stated that Google’s economic model based on advertising has harmed network quality since the flood of commercials impacts bandwidth and loading speed and is riddled with fraud situations, putting consumers at risk.

Even if Google had AI technology equal to ChatGPT, the load of massive enterprises and reliance on current advertising businesses make it hard for Google to substantially replace search engines with chatbots. It must implement AI more gradually in order to improve its understanding of search engines’ capabilities.

This might be a good chance for rivals. As long as there is a means to increase the accuracy of chatbots and overcome the problem of AI being “broken,” new startups like OpenAI may disrupt Google’s search engine in the online world. Developed another big empire.

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