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How to ask Google to index my site. (2022 Working)

Let Google index my site. How to ask Google to index my site. I want my site listed on Google. These are the most asked questions by new content providers.

Here are some tips from Google team.

Ask google to index my site.

If Google does not index your website, you are effectively invisible. You will not appear for any search queries, and you will receive no organic traffic. Given that you’re here, I’m assuming this isn’t breaking news to you. So let’s get this party started.

This article will tell you how to cure any of the following three issues:

  1. Your whole website has not been indexed.
  2. Some of your pages have been indexed, while others have not.
  3. Your recently published web pages are not being indexed quickly enough.

Before we get started, it would be beneficial if we had some prior knowledge of indexing.

What exactly are crawling and indexing?

Google crawls the web to find new web sites, which they then add to their index. They accomplish this through the use of a web spider known as Googlebot.

Crawling: The process of searching the web for new content by following hyperlinks.
Indexing: The process of storing each web page in a large database.
A web spider is a piece of software designed to perform crawling on a large scale.
Googlebot is Google’s web spider.

How to ask google to index my site?

Here are some tips for you to try to ask Google to index your site:

  1. Get rid of crawl blocks from your robots.txt file. 
  2. Get rid of “noindex” tags.
  3. Add the page to the sitemap.
  4. Delete canonical tags.
  5. Check to see if the page is alone.
  6. Fix internal links that don’t follow.
  7. Add links that are “powerful”.
  8. Make sure the page is useful and different from others.
  9. Get rid of low-quality pages to make the most of your crawl points.
  10. Make sure your backlinks are from good source.

Let’s learn some of those tips in detail.

Backlinks can tell Google that a website page is important. Since someone is linking to it, it must be worth something. These are pages that Google wants to add to its index.

Google doesn’t just index web pages with backlinks, so that everything is clear. There are billions of pages that have been indexed but have no backlinks. But because Google thinks pages with high-quality links are more important, they are likely to crawl and re-crawl those pages faster than those without them. This makes indexing go faster.

Read more:

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Indexing is not Ranking.

Even you ask google to index your site. Google’s indexing of your website or web page doesn’t mean that it will rank higher or get more traffic. They are not the same.

When Google indexes your site, it means that Google knows about it. It doesn’t mean that they’re going to put it at the top of the list for any good queries.

This is where SEO comes in. SEO is the art of making sure your web pages rank well for certain searches.

SEO, in short, means (Not only ask Google to index):

  1. Finding out what people are looking for.
  2. Making content about those subjects.
  3. Optimizing those pages for the keywords you want to use.
  4. Create backlinks to your posts.
  5. Republishing content more often to make it stay “fresh”.
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