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Tesla Horror Break Issues Happend In China That You Must Know

A user on a social platform with the handle “Yuan Qijun” said that a friend who owns a Tesla Model Y had problems like a stuck screen, a black screen, “brake failure,” pedal signal delay, and more a few days ago. We will describe this Tesla break issue below in detail.

Tesla Model Y

The netizen posted that “during the black screen restart stage of the vehicle, it was detected that the kinetic energy recovery firmware reported an abnormal error, which caused the owner to feel that the brakes were delayed,” according to a response from Tesla’s after-sales service. And they speculated that it was the most recent. However, there is no explanation for the problem of the AP (Autopilot) state not being exited when the brakes are applied.

According to the description provided by the owner, “When the car machine enters the black screen state, there is a 2–3 second response delay regardless of whether you step on the brake or accelerator pedal deeply or lightly.” When the owner lets go of the brake, the vehicle begins to slowly accelerate, indicating that the vehicle is still in autopilot mode. “The signal delay lasted approximately 20 to 25 seconds, and vehicle control did not return to normal until the car’s screen was turned back on.”

At the time, there wasn’t much traffic on the highway, so there were no accidents. After the vehicle returned to normal operation, the owner contacted Tesla’s after-sales department, drove the vehicle to the center for a thorough inspection, and requested that the vehicle data for that time period be retrieved.

Tesla Car Screen

In response to the preceding case, Dianchedi inquired of Tesla and received a response, and the other party stated: “According to the background data, the vehicle’s braking system is always normal; the vehicle did not turn on the AP (automatic driving assistance function) before and after this period; the vehicle’s braking system is designed with the highest priority, and it is completely independent of the large-screen entertainment system and is not affected by the screen’s status.”

Simultaneously, he stated, “We understand how everyone feels about similar situations. Tesla prioritizes safety in both R&D and production. New things are frequently accompanied by various puzzles and doubts. Maybe respond to the doubts.” The best way to proceed is to gain a better understanding. Whether you need a car or not, we hope to invite you to a Tesla store and have one of our product experts explain Tesla’s product safety design in detail. Thank you for your interest in Tesla. With your attention and support, we will continue to work hard to provide high-quality products and services to consumers.”

It is worth noting that, not long ago, Zhang Xiang, an auto analyst and dean of Jiangxi New Energy Technology Vocational College’s New Energy Vehicle Technology Research Institute, told Dianchedi, “The majority of vehicle brake failures are caused by software issues.”

Making a test is difficult for a domestic third-party appraisal agency. “For starters, because there is no equipment support, the outside world cannot read the data using technical means; additionally, because China lacks standards and regulations, it is difficult to determine whether Tesla’s brakes are actually malfunctioning.”

Furthermore, “if the loophole remains unchanged, the more cars involved in accidents, the more problems will be exposed,” according to some industry experts.

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