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Tibet’s stunning alpine lake: Chumba Yumco

“Yumco” refers to jade-like lakes in the Tibetan region.

“Yamzho Yumco,” “Mapang Yongcuo,” and “Pu Moyongcuo” are the top three of those. “chumba Yumco” offers a spectacular view that rivals theirs despite not being on the list.

With an area of 12.3 square kilometers and an altitude of 4,540 meters above sea level, “Chumba Yumco” is situated in Samada Township, Kangma County, Shigatse City. Although it is not significantly larger than Serintso, Namtso, or Yangzhuo Yongcuo, which have areas of 2,391 square kilometers, 1,920 square kilometers, and 638 square kilometers, respectively, it is named “Yumco.” “Chumba Yumco” has a blue-white hue on foggy days; a blue-green hue on bright days; and, as a result of the shift in lighting, a different jasper hue.

To see “Chumba Yumco” for who she really is, travel 17 kilometers southeast of Mengza Village by foot after driving 30 kilometers south from Kangma County to Mengzha Village. Kang Shuo, which is 6,102 meters above sea level and the 7,350-meter-tall Chomulari Peak surrounds the “Chumba Yumco”, which prevents warm, humid air from entering the region, keeping the lake’s shoreline chilly and windy even in the height of summer. It is reported that there are pastures with plenty of water and vegetation on the other side of the mountain in Bhutan where the warm air flow ceases.

The Nianchu River, which has its beginnings here, is a well-known river in Tibet, despite its relative obscurity. The Gyantse Plain was irrigated, creating Tibet’s first agricultural civilization. Large sandy beach with smooth sand that is comparable to the southern beach is created by the lake lapping against the shore. I really believe that any traveler who stops here would remove their shoes and experience the highland beach if it weren’t for the biting cold.

Is there a myth associated with it? Of course! There was a lake called Gala lake, which is claimed to have been larger than it, located about 30 kilometers to the west (or northwest) of it. However, why is it now so small that no one can see it? The reason is that the lake god in Gala Lake fell in love with the god of “Chumba Yumco”, and despite several objections, Gala Lake God steadfastly marched forward in the direction of his lover. As a result, the lake god steadily drifted away, which caused the lake area to gradually shrink.

The dissemination of stories has shrouded “Chumba Yumco” in mystery and given tourists limitless imagination.

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